What is The Black Currant?

Hello and welcome to the official blog of The Black Currant shop! What is The Black Currant? Well, it’s my handmade business! I’ll be launching my business on Etsy early 2015 selling handmade soap, candles and wax melts! I’ve been making soap for almost two years working in glycerin soaps and say wax based products. While I’m not a vegan or eat organic all the time I strive to use vegan oils and waxes in my products. Right now I have my business license and opened all my accounts (keep your eye out as I add social media!) but I still need insurance and to order products. I’m going to launch a variety of fragrant and colorful products in dozens to test the waters! Whatever sells well I’ll keep! I hope that when I announce the opening of my Etsy shop you give it a peek! If you have any questions feel free to ask! I’ll try to answer as best I can!cropped-blackcurrant.jpg


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