Post Christmas Frenzy!

Merry Post Christmas! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday, regardless of what you celebrated! I spent this week at home with my boyfriend and his parents. We enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner and exchanged gifts. I gave the (possibly) future in-laws the gift of… soap! I think they’ve come to expect that now. I received the greatest of gifts: money! I’m putting it aside for the business. Well… maybe I’ll buy a new lipstick! Shhh!

During the holiday week I mailed out my final license application so I can operate out of my home. It’s pricey but thankfully also tax deductible! I have plenty of USPS shipping boxes stacked under my table ready to be assembled and packed. Unfortunately not every process has gone smoothly! The bank I was looking to open my business account with declined my application… after they approved it! I even got the intro letter with my debit card! So it looks like I’ll be taking a trip to the bank next week. Hopefully we can get this sorted out without too much of a delay. I also have to order product and packaging supplies. That’s being held up until I can have a separate bank account for the business and my boyfriend approves of everything! He is becoming increasingly more interested in the business! I don’t think I’ll see him pouring in molds or tying bows anytime soon but we can dare to dream! I’ll keep you updated as we move forward! Maybe I’ll even host a poll so you can share your opinions! Have a happy new year!’


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