Pantone Color of the Year: Marsala 2015

Pantone has announced the new color of the year! The COTY tradition has been a very pivotal part of forecasts in anything from art to fashion to the handmade market! Each year a secret meeting is held in a European capital with many color representatives debating for two days! Tell that to your friends next time they say you take too long to get dressed! This years color is Marsala.

Pantone Marsala 2015

“A naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls.”


I think it is a wonderful color and this fall/winter season showed many items in similar shades of Marsala. I own a few sweaters and cardigans in the color to break away from my brighter summer wardrobe. Along with the COTY Pantone also releases a prediction of the upcoming spring 2015 colors that will pair and coordinate with their choice. A mix of cool neutrals and icy pastels allow Marsala to be the center of attention in a subtle way. Ocean colors are also incorporated in anticipation of trips to the ocean.

Pantone Spring 2015 line

What do you think of Marsala? Do you think it goes well with its Spring 2015 line? I own most of these colors myself so I guess this year I’ll be a bit more trendy!

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