Week-In-Instagram: Dec. 28th- Jan. 3rd

Hello again! I’ve begun launching a new series for the blog called Week-In-Instagram! Once a week I will take an I post and talk about how it’s affected the week whether it’s personal or it’s business related! If you haven’t followed me on Instagram (or twitter!) already, the links are available at the bottom of all my blog posts! This weeks photo comes from yesterday: It was the day after a massive fragrance sampling with my boyfriend, Phil. It was over 100 unique fragrances from 3 different vendors scattered across the U.S.! I’m glad he was there to help me out! I don’t think I would’ve been able to sort through and narrow down my collection to just twenty starter scents. Yes, only twenty! We sat at the dining room table for over an hour deciding what would be good for spring, whats already popular, could I make a unique design that fits with this scent, etc. We agreed on some and debated others. I was for a certain scent that he thought smelled like cleaners or old lady! I didn’t think people would want what he liked! It was fun though and we have a very good variety set up. Some are fruity, some are foodie and we also have some herb-like scents! I’m not going to spoil now but maybe keeping an eye on social media will leak some news… (wink wink)!

A week in Instagram

A week in Instagram


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