Inspiration: Soap Colorants

One thing that inspires me the most is color. Color has always been a place of wonder and excitement since I was a little girl. Growing up I always had art and craft supplies at close reach until I entered school. From there I flourished in every medium I could get my hands on! My grandmother can recall back to my artistic days as early as 4 when I recreated a bowl of fruit painting I once saw in colored pencil. No tracing and the proportions were still accurate! My talent came from my grandmother on my mother’s side. Long before I was born she drew an extremely similar bowl on fruit on a ceramic plate! The plate is still on display in my childhood bedroom. It’s amazing how similar our drawings were when I hadn’t seen it until I was in middle school!

Making soap allows for an endless rainbow of possibilities. Every colorant acts differently to give you certain shades and tones. Some colorants change color in cold process soap to something completely different! Micas and pigments are the most common choice for soap makers. You can even create your own colors through various botanicals! Talk about earth friendly! Not all micas are natural due to additional dyes to enhance or change the color. I mostly use micas in my soap! It’s all a matter of personal preference.


Every supplier has different colorants: some liquid, some solid. Below I’ll show you different kinds of colorants that I’m fond of! All images are from the webstore. You can read their blog at


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