Inspiration: Fragrance Oil

A major selling point of any bath & beauty product is scent. Unscented or scented caters to different markets. Some fragrances irritate sensitive skin so the unscented market caters more towards people with skin sensitivity, such as eczema and psoriasis, and newborns. Newborns and infants have extremely sensitive skin and most fragrances can cause rashes and other bad reactions. I think any good business should cater to the needs of both markets. My upcoming business will feature unscented products and natural colorants for anyone who wishes to purchase those types of products.

My mother has rosacea on her face and her skin is a little more sensitive because of it. Most facial soaps do not have fragrance because everyone’s face has a degree of increased sensitivity. Thankfully the rosacea does not affect her bar soap that she uses in the tub. She is a huge fan of scented products! Who do you think uses my soap the most? If I started charging her I could be a millionaire! 😀

Some of my favorite fragrances are ones I can relate to a life event or memory. When I was young I would plant hyacinths in front of the house and I loved to smell of them when they briefly popped out for easter! Four huge lilac bushes grew in my grandfather’s (on my mother’s side) yard. I recently got to try a pumpkin cheesecake fragrance that reminded me of a small cafe that made the best pumpkin seed soup in the fall! Mmm… I haven’t had that soup in years! I think that a scent that reminds you of your past creates a better connection and makes you more likely to buy it.

I also have a huge (seriously HUGE) collection of food themed scents. From berries to chocolate to coffee! It’s amazing I haven’t accidentally drank a bottle! My business will have mostly food scents but I want to offer a great seasonal variety for those few people who *gasp* may not want a chocolate soap! I’ll give you an idea on some of my favorite fragrances!

  • Red & Black Currant
  • Pumpkin anything!
  • Chocolate anything!
  • Tropical fruits
  • Creme Brulee
  • Lilacs and Hyacinths
  • Minty scents

What are your favorite scents? Leave a comment with the things you like. I love to exchange opinions on fragrance and look forward to your response!

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