Inspiration: Essential Oil

Previously we discussed various fragrance oils and the variety of options they give you! But what about essential oil? Not so much. You see, fragrance oils are artificially created in a lab to give you scents like chocolate or strawberry! Essential oils are made from products you can only find in nature. Wait, aren’t strawberries found in nature? Yes! But strawberries don’t contain enough aetherolea or, in the simplest terms, “plant oils”. Each essential oil is extracted in different ways. Orange essential oil comes from the peel while carrot seed oil comes from… seeds! Unfortunately, essential oils can be very limiting in fragrance and in design options. Orange essential oil is very dark and unless you plan on making your soap orange in color you may have difficulty changing it to something like purple! Essential oils have a large market that grows every year! Some choose essential oil to take more artificial chemicals out of their daily lives. Others pursue the possibilities of aromatherapy. Some just like the smell!

I’m going to put out a quick disclaimer though: Essential oils are NOT proven by medical science to be treatments or cures to diseases and illnesses. Science is still looking at what essential oils do but cannot say “This essential oil cures cancer!” until they study and get consistent results. Maybe one day we can say essential oils treat or cure this or that. It’s also not advisable for pregnant women to use essential oils due to reports of nausea and increased sensitivity to smell. But you don’t have to be pregnant to have these kinds of experiences. I used to love lavender plants when I was young but now any kind of fragrance/essential oil gives me horrible headaches! The supplier I purchase from uses a 100% concentrated oil so it is probably just an issue of intensity. My mother doesn’t have this issue so I keep lavender around to make soap for her.

Do you use essential oils? Does a product listing the fragrance as an essential oil sway your buying decision? What do you think of the essential vs. fragrance debate? Leave a comment with your thoughts below! Look forward to hearing a different perspective!

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