Business Update: Boxes & Boxes

I just want to keep everyone updated on the status of my business! It seems all my supplies will be arriving within the next few days as long as we don’t have any UPS related delays. My first package is scheduled to arrive on Monday and it will contain enough supplies to start making my wax tarts. Wednesday I should be receiving the majority of my fragrance oils from a different supplier. I’m still waiting on my shrink-wrap bags to ship but my supplier recently emailed me saying that they are massively delayed from an end of the year sale. I’m a little concerned but the shrink-wrap bags are the very last step so it’s fine.

I almost had a heart attack when one of the fragrance oils I planned to purchase went out of stock! Thankfully I already had a full bottle that I didn’t get around to using! Once you decide what you want it’s best to order things immediately. If I didn’t have that bottle I’d probably have to change to a totally different scent! Speaking of scents I did promise to reveal some details of the products you can shop for… This particular fragrance that sold out is particularly good for Valentine’s Day. Do you know what it is? 😉 Leave a comment if you think you know what the scent is!


P.S. I may be in the middle of making my next Handmade Beauty Box video! Keep an eye out for it!


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