Begin Production!

Yesterday finally brought me my first box of supplies! It wasn’t much but it was enough to crank out 2 batches of wax tarts! I have all my wax molds and some of the fragrances I’m going to be using. Tomorrow I’ll be getting a package from a different supplier with more fragrance oils! But the major order won’t come till probably early next week. I’m hoping it’ll ship out fast but the more time I have to make product the better! I’m working on photographing the two batches I’ve made so I can update my listings with the proper info.

I’ll tell you a bit more about what you can expect on launch! My products will be sold exclusively through Etsy but only in the U.S. Unfortunately between the extreme shipping/customs costs to certain materials being banned from entering some countries I can’t afford to start shipping internationally yet. I’m sorry to anyone outside of the U.S. but feel free to let me know that you would like shipping to be available to you! The more requests the more likely I’ll start shipping out to you! I’m going to be selling bars of glycerin soap and wax tarts. Twenty fragrance oils have been chosen by myself and my boyfriend for the initial launch. Each scent will be available as a bar of soap or a wax tart! I’ve tested one of the wax tarts with a bit of leftover wax and I’m in love! The scent throw is fantastic even in our high ceiling, open concept living room! I’m very excited and I’ll continue to give updates on what is happening!


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