Delays & Updates

Hey guys, I have another business update. Unfortunately it looks like production is being held up and thus the shop will be delayed. I’ve had a few problems with my suppliers that is setting me way behind schedule. One supplier didn’t ship my order until a week after despite the website saying they ship within 1-3 business day. It was only after I emailed them that they said they had a massive year-end sale and that they were weeks behind! I only had a small amount of supplies to begin with and it looks like my biggest order won’t ship until next week. Thankfully my largest order is within the state and will only take a day or two. But the insurance is bought and being processed. It’s just a waiting game right now.


I can make multiple batches of soap and wax tarts a day but even with overdrive mode it will still take several days. Rather than try to rush I’m going to take my time and delay the opening to February. I’m sorry everyone, but I’d rather have everyone get a quality product made correctly than something slapped together at the last minute! In the meantime I’m working on editing my January Handmade Beauty Box video. It’s halfway done, I just need to work on the voiceovers. Once again I’m sorry for this not so great update. I’ll be continuing to monitor my orders and I’m hoping within a week I can give you a concrete opening date. Thanks for reading!


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