Coming Soon!

Hi guys, forgive me for the shorter post but this is an important one! Just now I finished pouring the last batch of soaps for the Etsy shop! All 200 wax tarts and soon-to-be 200 soaps will be done and wrapped by tomorrow! What does this mean? It means the Etsy shop will be opened very soon. Tomorrow afternoon I’m leaving to spend the rest of the week with my boyfriend in Seattle. We  didn’t make plans for our anniversary or for Valentine’s Day so we decided to combine them into a staycation! I promise I’ll still have a bog post on Thursday for everyone. Once I get back I’ll take pictures, update the listings and open!  Not committing to a solid date though! Even now I’m cautious about not being able to make deadlines for fear of jinxing myself! Be sure to check out my Instagram as I’ll be taking many pictures of Seattle!


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