Week-In-Instagram: Feb 1st- Feb 7th

I’m finally back home and settled back into my daily routine. Now I have to get back into the business mindset! But that’s not the subject of this weeks Instagram posts. I spent a few days in downtown Seattle with my boyfriend to celebrate our 3 year anniversary as well as an early Valentine’s Day trip. I took so many pictures! Sorry if I spammed your feed with them but I wanted to document everything I did on my mini vacation.

First we checked into our room at Hotel 5. It’s a modern mixed with urban style hotel to cater to the young crowd of Seattle. It was only a few blocks from the Space Needle!

Our cool queen room at #Hotel5 very modern and artsy!

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And speaking of Space Needle…

Space needle! #Seattle #SpaceNeedle

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The Space Needle is surrounded by other tourist options too! Like the EMP museum and the Chihuly Garden & Glass! Chihuly was so inspiring and I may have to make a soap dedicated to the wonderful blown glass sculptures!

EMP museum! #Music #PopCulture #Museum #Seattle

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Chihuly Garden & Glass is so inspiring! #Seattle #BlownGlass #Art #Museum #Chihuly

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That’s only some of the pictures I took! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see the rest and pictures of the developing business! It’s coming down to the wire and I just need to make a few more changes and take pictures!

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