DIY all day!

Hey everyone! I hope your day is going as good as mine! Last night I got my Handmade Beauty Box delivered and today I had 2 deliveries! One was a double handled cheese knife for cutting large blocks of melt and pour soap. I ordered it after several soap makers recommended it for cutting the 25 lb blocks that I will be ordering in the future! Yes, 25 pounds of soap poured into a bag in a box! I look forward to future arm work outs. The other was my soap boxes for packaging my glycerin soaps. They are made of sturdy kraft paper with a pull out box and a window to see your soap! The only downer is they do require assembly so I’m going to be busy making 200 soap boxes! I love the look though and I hope you will too!

Today I’m going to be filming the Handmade Beauty Box tutorial and I’ll spend a day or two editing in music and voiceovers. I’m going to try to have it out for Valentines Day! Hint: It’s something every woman can appreciate! I did take a peek inside and I can say I’m nervous because I’ve never done this project before. I’m going to remain optimistic as I love to learn new things! Fingers crossed that everything turns out good!

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