Big Shop Update!

It’s finally happening! All the product is made, the shop photos were taken, the listings were written out! The shop launch is only days away! Tonight my boyfriend is helping me set up my new laser printer so I can print up the labels for my soaps and wax tarts! As long as the printer works well (it better for how much it cost! Don’t even get me started on the toner!) everything should be ready to go. I have business cards ready to put in orders and my flat rate USPS boxes are built!

I do want to be up front and say that I WILL NOT be selling internationally yet. Bath & Beauty is a very tricky business and some countries have very strict regulations on what they take in. The cost right now with so much uncertainty is too much to take on right now. Once I researched the customs in different countries and can confidently ship them out I’ll give everyone an update. Sorry to any international readers! 😦

The shop is going to have a total listing of 40 items: 20 soaps and 20 wax tarts. I’ve made 10 of each variety so in total I have 400 items to sell! I figure that’s a good start-up inventory. I want to make sure everyone gets what they want and I do have leftover product if something sells out fast. Once my shop is open you can always send me a message on Etsy with any questions or comments! I’ll be happy to help out! I’m very excited for the shop opening! I can’t wait!

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