Week-In-Instagram: Feb 15th- Feb 21st

February is almost over already! Where does the time go? I managed to squeak in this months Etsy shop review before I woke up in March! Last month was a lovely earring holder which you can read about on my January 4th- 10th Week-In-Instagram! This month I decided to fill up a little bit more of my holder with some EarSugar! EarSugar is a Utah based Etsy shop run by a lovely woman named Karen. Shes quite the busy bee since this is only one of her shops! She has 5 in total! I can’t imagine being that busy! Maybe I’ll check out her other shops sometime.

Anyway, on her EarSugar shop she offers discounts for bulk purchases for anything from 3 pairs of earrings to 10! I chose to buy 3 since I’m new to her product. She offers a wide variety of colors and size: 3.5 mm, 5mm, 8mm and 11mm. I really didn’t know which size to pick so I went with the “medium” 8mm studs. Perfect size for me! I could see someone buying the 3.5 ones for a second piercing… if only my second piercing didn’t close up years ago! Oh well… The second dilemma was choosing the colors! She has every color for every occasion and every possible outfit I could make! I’m quite the fan of color but I decided to go neutral for my purchases. I picked Onyx, StarDust and Gold Digger. I was so excited to see them I put one of each in my ear to see how they looked! I love them! In certain light the gold changes shades which is just amazing! Stardust has the most interesting look. I can’t describe it but it’s better than your average silvery gray stud. Onyx is the best black stud earring I’ve worn yet! Bravo Karen! You’ll definitely have future business with me!

Modeling time! Wearing 8mm Onyx earrings from #Etsy shop #EarSugar 😄 I have 2 more pairs to show you!

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2nd pair is 8mm Stardust studs from #EarSugar on #Etsy 😄 they shimmer so nicely in person!

A post shared by Leanna H (@theblackcurrantshop) on


Shop EarSugar on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EarSugar

Check out her Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EarSugarShop


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