BrambleBerry 2015 S.O.A.P. Panel Entry

Taking a day off from my usual posts about the business and my usual ramblings to make an entry post. Twice a year hosts a soap panel to pick fragrance oils to be sold on the BrambleBerry website. The panelists are selected randomly by the staff with one requirement: Tweet, Facebook, Pin, Instagram or blog about your favorite BB product (including the links obviously) and a short summary as to why you should be selected. It’s pretty easy actually! So easy that I was a panelist last year! I had a previous blog documenting my journey through the process of learning and entered on a whim! Maybe this year I’ll get lucky again!

Anyway, it’s pretty safe to say BrambleBerry is a huge part of where I am right now. With this blog and the business and even my general attitude. One day I was looking at DIY videos to find something to decorate my room with when I stumbled upon a game changer: Soap Queen tv. I was very curious so I clicked on the video. I can even tell you which one it was! It was the orange slice glycerin soap tutorial (I totally recommend it) that quickly led to the solid sugar scrub tutorial, the massage candle tutorial, cold process soap etc etc. I was hooked! Color is one of my biggest inspirations and I strive for color in my art. Knowing I could make something that looked however I wanted it to and have it be practical? I was beyond excited! I eventually took the plunge at soap making after trying (and sort of failing) to make bath bombs.

Since that really hot day in August I’ve grown a lot as a soap maker thanks to Anne-Marie and They were a pretty big deal to me when I decided to move in with my boyfriend. While I wanted tropical Florida weather I knew that my soap making hobby and potential career would be better suited in the Pacific Northwest. Since acquiring my business license BrambleBerry has been more than helpful in my starting my business and has become an important supplier to me. My wax, soap base, colorants and some of my fragrances come straight from their Bellingham warehouse. But which item do I say is my favorite? Hmm…

I just asked my boyfriend what item I should talk about as my favorite. I get bases, colorants, fragrances, molds etc and it’s too much for me to pick! He wasn’t helpful in picking one but he was helpful in how I’m going to go about picking! I’m going to talk about the favorite things that my family enjoys! My family has been so supportive in all of this and they have some very strong opinions. What could be better? BrambleBerry gets promoted and I don’t have to make any hard decisions! I can live with that.


My father: If I had a dollar for every time he asked for Gingersnap scented soaps I’d be writing this blog from a hammock on a tropical island!

My mother: She enjoys her baths more than anything so she won’t settle for anything less than Dark Rich Chocolate scent soaps.

My boyfriend: Kentish Rain is one of the only masculine scents he likes! Hes not a cologne guy and anything with musk turns him off!


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