Open For Business! Finally!

The Black Currant has officially opened on Etsy! Yay! Woo! More cheering sounds! It’s been a long road with a ton of hurdles but all the kinks have been smoothed over and all the boring behind the scenes editing has finished. I’m glad to finally be open to my readers in the US (sorry, no international shipping yet).

The shop is currently listing 40 items! 20 glycerin soaps and 20 wax tarts. Are you curious as to what is available? I created small batches (10 each) of:

  1. Black Currant Tea (soap & wax tarts)
  2. Citrus Energy (soap & wax tarts)
  3. Crisp Anjou Pear (soap & wax tarts)
  4. Fresh Brewed Coffee (soap & wax tarts)
  5. Fresh Squeezed Orange (soap & wax tarts)
  6. Ginger Lime (soap & wax tarts)
  7. Hazelnut Cafe (soap & wax tarts)
  8. Island Coconut (soap & wax tarts)
  9. Kiwi (soap & wax tarts)
  10. Lavender (soap & wax tarts)
  11. Moroccan Mint (soap & wax tarts)
  12. Peach Smoothie (soap & wax tarts)
  13. Pink Grapefruit (soap & wax tarts)
  14. Red Currant (soap & wax tarts)
  15. Rich Chocolate (soap & wax tarts)
  16. Strawberry Rhubarb (soap & wax tarts)
  17. Tropical Breeze (soap & wax tarts)
  18. Vanilla Bean (soap & wax tarts)
  19. White Tea & Ginger (soap & wax tarts)
  20. Yuzu/Japanese Grapefruit (soap & wax tarts)

In total that is 400 products in my office! Woo! That may seem like a lot but once they’ve sold that’s it! If you want to be sure you get what you want I advise ordering now! I’ve added my shop link to my social media links so any future posts will have a quick link to my shop! I’ll post regular updates on product sell outs, new products, and reproductions if something is popular! I welcome any feedback and suggestions! Thanks for being patient with this shop launch! It was way past my initial schedule but I’m more confident in my shop with the extra time! Thank you so much for being a part of this blog and I look forward to your business! 🙂

Keep up with my shop & social media!:

Etsy shop:


Twitter: @BlackCurrantWA



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