Shipping Update: Some Bad News

Well I started looking into the customs regulations for South America/Europe/Asia/Australian. I know I can ship to Canada and once I’m able to stabilize the costs I’ll start shipping to our northern neighbors. Europe was a very mixed bag! Some countries are more restrictive than others. In my process I discovered some countries have strict policies on bath & beauty products or certain ingredients were banned.

I am unable to ship to Italy and Turkey. They do not allow soap or cosmetics into their country for whatever reason. This is a bummer and hopefully one day they will allow foreign cosmetics but until then they will not allow my stuff through customs. I apologize to anyone in Italy or Turkey! I will continue reading up until I have a full list of places to ship.


In the meantime you should read up on your countries custom regulations! Some of the bans range from unusual to a bit silly! Anything from used bedding to playing cards to clothing that conflicts their typical style of dress! I’m not kidding!


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