What is a wax tart? How does it work?

Oh boy, has this question been asked daily! Everyday I open my shop and social media to questions about the wax tarts. Some have never heard of it. Others are hesitant to buy what they aren’t familiar with. I’m here to answer your questions!

Q: What is a wax tart?

A: A wax tart is candle wax pour into a clamshell or some kind of small shape. It has no wick, making it a flame free alternative to candles. My wax tarts are made with 100% soy wax from soy beans grown in the US! All my wax tarts are made by me poured into a 6 cube clamshell mold for easy storage.

Q: How do I use it if it doesn’t have a wick?

A: Most people are familiar with candles and can’t figure out how to make a wax tart work. It works essentially the same as a candle! You melt the wax! Of course it won’t melt with magic; you need a wax warmer! I prefer the electric ones but you can purchase more decorative ones that use a tea light to melt your wax. Just make sure the tea light is unscented! You can find these at multiple price ranges at Yankee Candle, Amazon.com or any place that sells candles. My local grocery store has them in their candle aisle! Mine is a pumpkin that I got for autumn.

Q: Does it smell as strong as a candle? How many cubes do I need?

A: Depending on the scent it may smell stronger than your traditional candle. All of my wax tarts are scented in a stronger concentration than my soaps but each of them varies in intensity! Tropical Breeze is stronger than Pink Grapefruit which is stronger than Moroccan Mint! I’ve test melted all of them and they still give off a nice aroma to fill the room! My living room is the open concept with high ceilings so it takes quite the scent to fill up the room. I recommend burning 1-2 cubes of my wax melts depending on the size of your room. Feel free to adjust it to your liking!

Q: What do I do when I’m done with it? Pour it down the drain?

A: NEVER EVER POUR THE MELTED WAX DOWN THE DRAIN! The wax can eventually destroy your pipes and lead to costly repairs. Nobody wants a $500 plumbing bill over a $5 wax tart! Cleaning up is super simple! Melt down the wax and wipe it up with a paper towel! It’s that easy! Don’t worry about burning yourself because wax tarts have a low melting point and wax tart warmers are programmed to keep a low temperature.


I made a video on Instagram to give you guys an idea of how a wax tart works!


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