Limited Edition fragrances *Poll*

I’m looking for opinions on my next Limited Edition items for my Etsy shop! I have a ton of fragrance samples that I want to clean out of my office! Some of them I love to death and others I’m not sure if I really like them. I sorted my fragrances in 3 ways on my shelves: Alphabetically, by vendor and by season. My spring/summer scents are separate from my fall/winter ones for reasons just like this! I went through my spring/summer section and pulled a few scents I would like to give a try. I want you guys to vote on what you think would be a good tester! If it becomes popular or requested it could join the ranks of the full batches! I wish you guys could smell these through your screen but until the technology becomes available I’ll do my best to describe them:

Acai Berry:  A tropical fruit that grows in the rainforest. Has a tart scent with an underlying note of sweetness.

Blackberry Sage: A blend I’ve loved from first sniff! Sweet and juicy blackberries rounded off with a bit of sage to give it a smooth scent. Has a light citrus note in it.

Black Raspberry Vanilla: More mild than Blackberry Sage. Sweet blackberries mixed with a light vanilla. Very smooth, almost velvty scent.

Candied Ginger: To me this smells exactly like the Origins brand ginger! It’s a full bodied scent with notes of ginger, lime, bergamot, white tea and a hint of cinnamon. It is a stronger scent that I think I’d only use in my glycerin soaps.

Clementine Lavender: A combination of citrus and floral. Sweet clementines mix with lavender to make fusion fragrance. It does have a slight powdery scent.

Cucumber Melon: Very fresh and not too sweet! Crisp cucumbers blended with sweet melon. A good alternative to citrus for a refreshing scent.

Fresh Peach: That’s it. It IS peach. Nothing complex about it! A sweet, fresh picked peach!

Lilac: One of the few florals I love (it’s one of my favorite flowers!). It’s stronger than your average floral.

Pineapple Cilantro: Pineapple takes center stage in this fragrance. It’s bright and tart with a cool note of cilantro to keep it from being too overwhelming.

Summer Boardwalk: It’s the only fragrance that doesn’t have an obvious scent tied to it. It’s a unique combination of Asian mandarin & blood orange, and brown sugar with middle and base notes of roasted walnuts, hazelnut coffee, sun-drenched sands, musk nuances, and earthy patchouli. It’s a different kind of scent that I would only use in wax tarts.

I hope I did a decent job describing these scents to you! I’d really appreciate your feedback and I hope you’d give these items a try if they make it to my shop!

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