New Item Alert! *Wax Tart Sampler*

We have a new item on the Etsy shop! After many comments and suggestions on of the biggest requests was a sampler. You can only rely on pictures and elaborate descriptions for so much of a sale in bath & beauty. Sometimes I think I’d have more sales if I could just put a bar up to my PC screen and let you smell through it! Alas, we don’t have that technology so I’m relying on sight and imagination. With this wax tart sampler you can sample 4 different wax tart scents! And since the same scents are available as glycerin soaps you can’t go wrong! I only have a sampler available for wax tarts but I might consider making one for my glycerin soaps if this is successful. I only have 25 in stock so once they’ve sold that’s it!

How do you order the wax tart sampler? It’s easy! All you have to do is add the sampler to your cart on Etsy and write the 4 fragrances you want in the “note to” section just under your items. The description of my sampler will list all available fragrances. If the one you order sells out just before you purchase it I’ll contact you via Etsy asking you to pick another. If I don’t hear back or you don’t leave any names in the notes I’ll surprise you!


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