Week-In-Instagram: Mar 15th- Mar 21st

This may have been my busiest week on Instagram! I already know what this weeks blog posts are about and I still have things I want to talk about! It never ends at The Black Currant. First things first let’s talk about the new Handmade Beauty Box for March. The video will go on my YouTube channel sometime this week and I’ll blog in more detail when it’s live. Heres a hint for everyone…

Another monthly blog post that will be up this week is my monthly Etsy shop review. I’ll be reviewing a Washington-based graphic designer who has beautiful prints in amazing colors! It’s on my instagram but I won’t spoil it here on the blog! 😉

Finally I have my first business promotion! With the recent launch of my wax tart samplers that I blogged about last week comes the spring promotion! The next 3 (start with 5 but I got 2 orders since I announced it) orders that include the wax tart sampler will get an exclusive wax tart not yet available to my shop! Summer Boardwalk was the most voted fragrance for my next limited edition and you could potentially try it before it goes on sale! It’s a complex scent that is nothing like I’m selling now and I’m hoping it will be just as popular to buyers.

Another quick note: I only have fresh squeezed orange wax tart sample left! I didn’t have a high quantity of them to begin with but they are selling! Be sure to check the description of my sampler for an updated listing of whats left. I update with every order so everyone has a chance to get what they want! Speaking of getting what they want I need to pack two orders for shipping tomorrow and start the framework of this weeks blog posts so I’m going to say ciao!


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