Etsy Review- 7 Wonders Design

I decided to dedicate a full blog post to my Etsy shop reviews from here on out. It gives me more room to go into detail and show off these handmade beauties! I DO NOT get these items for free or at a discount. I pay the full price so you don’t have to worry about a biased review. It’s hard to be critical when you get it for free, isn’t it?

This month we’re featuring a Washington state woman with a degree in graphic communications! Her degree comes into play with 7 Wonders Design making lovely prints for everything from your kitchen to a nursery to your living room! Or in my case the office! 😉

Let me start by saying her shop is huge! 827 items! That might seem like a huge undertaking but it’s actually not with her way of doing things. Several of her designs featured variations like a different size or rearranging the pattern in a different order. You’ll see the item I ordered is very similar to others in her shop!

Almost every design has color customization and she sends you a proof within 24 hours. I tested this out myself by ordering custom colors for my print. She was quick and the colors look true to what I got. The shipping time was a little slow because of the 24 proof time and then the weekend. I got my earring holder from January faster! But keep in mind this is what happens when you order custom anything!

For my print I chose the 11×14″ Flower Burst Botanical print with my own custom colors. The colors I chose were gentle gray, charcoal and glass. You have no idea how long it took me to decide which colors I wanted! She has a good-sized color library to choose from and she mentions the ability to send her a picture for a specific color! I may need to try that next time! Yes, I already decided on a next time!

I highly recommend her shop because she has quality products that can be customized for any room at a pretty reasonable price.


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