First month excitment!

As of tomorrow, March 27th, The Black Currant will be one month old! I treat my shop like my baby and the process felt like it too! The long period of waiting for it, the initial up-all-night worrying, and the excitement at the little milestones! Can you tell I don’t have actual kids yet? I’ve been keeping track of my shops progress and it has ups and downs. As of now my shop had 17 orders! That’s pretty awesome! The not so awesome part was when I had a week of no orders! It’s a really bumpy ride owning a business but I’m very proud of myself for getting it done and I try to find ways to improve it everyday.

I’ve already received a lot of feedback that I need to consider. A major issue is shipping internationally. It’s a very big step that people don’t always see. First I have to find good packaging, then I have to determine the cost for the weight, then I have to review customs for any red flags etc etc. I’ve already started researching and I’m still not comfortable enough to start shipping overseas. But I really am trying to figure out if it’s viable!

I also need to work on my products. I’ve been looking at different options for ingredients and design. One of the options is upgrading my base to more “premium” ingredients. It’s more expensive and the amount I can order is much smaller but it’s worth looking into. I’ve also looked into organic options but again, the cost is something to measure. If you guys have any feedback of your own I’d love to hear it! Well, I have to make sure my latest order was sent out and yell at USPS for not delivering my supplies yesterday. It was one town over and it left that town at 3AM! How could it not drive 5 miles to my door! ūüė¶

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