Creating Variety with Wax Tarts

Last night I had a genius idea! I don’t even know what brought it on! Maybe it was my pre-dinner hunger mixed with being trapped in a food scented office. I looked at my wax tarts and had such a simple thought: Why burn just one scent? Most of the time I burn two wax squares in my melter to fill our large ceiling living room. Why not make my own combination? I have plenty of scents that go together like Vanilla Bean and Rich Chocolate? Talk about a sweet combination! I have several scents that would be great together!


Rich Chocolate + Vanilla Bean

Hazelnut Cafe + Rich Chocolate

Fresh Brewed Coffee + Vanilla Bean

Fresh Squeezed Orange + Pink Grapefruit

Lavender + Moroccan Mint

Citrus Energy + Peach Smoothie


These are just some of the great scent combinations you can create at home! It’s great variety and let’s you show off your own creativity. I’m sure you guys have some great ideas of your own! Of course you can always burn my wax tarts as a stand alone. They all have great scent strength that can be burned solo to suit anyones needs. Bear in mind that some scents have a bit more intensity to them. Moroccan Mint is much more mild than say, Tropical Breeze or Hazelnut Cafe. Whatever you choose to burn you can always make a blend that’s special for you!


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