When it rains…

It sure does pour! It’s time for a story that inspires many feelings! Frustration, rage, depression! All the usual feelings that come along when things go wrong. We’ll start at the beginning on a casual Monday. Yesterday was my boyfriends birthday and it was a great day of celebration. However, when you get to a certain age birthdays become another day of work. My boyfriend has his own business and later that night he wanted to print a USPS label to ship a package to someone. This seems reasonable, right? I ship packages with USPS priority mail every week! What could possibly go wrong?


Everything. I typed up the address while he wrapped the box in kraft paper. It’s a US address that needed some insurance but it’s a standard thing for anyone that’s ever mailed a package. Time to pay up! The price isn’t bad and I type in his card info.


Your transaction was declined. Please check the info you provided and try again.


Huh, that’s odd. I type his info in again. Error. I try one more time. Error! Okay, maybe his card has a glitch. He hands me his other card. Guess what? ERROR! What is happening here?! I decide to use my card because I printed a label the other day with no issues. ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! What is happening? I chalked it up to site maintenance and decided to try again later. It still didn’t work. We gave up for the night and decided to try again in the morning. While my boyfriend and I were watching a movie I was checking my bank account to see if a package I ordered charged me.

6 different charges from USPS on my account. All for the amount for the label we couldn’t get to take our payment. I was not happy about this. I was fuming to say the least. I had just spent a half hour on hold with USPS about a week ago over website issues and it ate up my morning. I was not looking forward to that again. But, it had to be done as my boyfriend checked and both of his cards were charged the same as mine.

I’ll skip telling you about the 45 wait and the awful waiting music that’s interrupted every other minute to tell you about a service you don’t want because the services you use don’t even work half the time… I’m still a bit miffed. The woman on the phone was pleasant but god she was chatty! I love friendly customer service but I also have things to do! Her answer to my problem? “I don’t know what happened.” which I’ve determined is the answer to 99.9% of the problems I encounter with the postal service. She promised to reverse the charges and some are in the process of reversing as we speak. I haven’t tried printing up that label yet but I might try again tonight. I just really don’t want to deal with customer service for a while!


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