Poll: Organic Products

I’ve been working hard the last few days packing orders, writing in this blog and making videos for YouTube. I’m proud of the effort I put into each of my small batch soaps. I’m already thinking about possible design changes, fragrance upgrades and different soap boxes. One major upgrade would be going organic. The organic market is huge in both produce as well as the beauty industry. In fact they predict the demand for organic bath products to increase to 13 billion dollars by 2018! 13 billion is a big number! The United States consumes the largest chunk of the organic market followed by Japan and Germany. Did I mention my ancestors came from Germany? I guess the idea of organic was predisposed!

I want to ask you readers: Do you currently/would you consider buying organic bath&beauty products? Organic is more expensive but people seem to rave for the idea of less manufactured fragrances and dyes. People with easily irritated skin and skin conditions benefit from more natural ingredients. My boyfriend has very sensitive skin while my mother suffers from rosacea. Both of them have specific needs in their bath products. I may consider creating a line of organic soaps if I see a customer demand. Now is your chance to speak up!


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