Etsy Review- Bellezza Natural Skin

*Correction: I was informed by the owner that she makes her soap by hot process not cold process as I wrote! Also she gave me the link to her Orange Juice Cake soap! Enjoy!


April has come up rather quickly here at home and I’m scrambling! I’ve been getting the jump on spring cleaning, purging my closet for donations (mostly to justify new clothes), working on the business and keeping up with family and friends. It’s been crazy with me barely finding time to snuggle up with my books! So of course I’m taking the month of April to pamper myself with bathtime treats! Despite having my own bath & beauty business I haven’t mastered everything and wanted to try out a shop that makes thing that I haven’t tried or perfected. This month I introduce Bellezza Naturale! Sending sweet surprises from Surprise Arizona! 🙂

Full disclosure: I do follow Bellezza on Instagram and I did get some bonus items with my order! I did not ask for freedbies and paid for my order! I don’t want you guys to feel like you’re reading a paid for sales pitch! Anyway I ordered 3 items that I had been curious about. I ordered a mango cilantro moisturizing hemp bar, a strawberry scented raspberry sugar scrub, and a chocolate cream cheese cupcake moisturizing bar. As a bonus to my order I got a cotton candy roller and a bar of orange juice cake soap. As of right now I don’t seen the cotton candy roller or the orange juice cake soap for sale. I’ll review each item individually and give my final thoughts of my overall purchase:


Mango Cilantro Hemp Bar: Price $5 USD Hey, I think I have this mold! Anyway I was curious to try a hemp based glycerin soap. Like my glycerin soap the glycerin is a vegetable base so don’t feel bad about animal tallow! The colors are beautiful and this is what pushed me over the edge to make my purchase. As soon as I got it I tore into my packaging and gave it a whiff! Wow, that’s cilantro! The mango is light but it is present though the fresh, green cilantro takes center stage in this soap! This is my favorite part of my order! I’m happy to own a glycerin soap that was made with different ingredient than my own products. Variety is the spice of life!


Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcake Soap: Price $6.75 USD What a huge bar! It’s about 7 ounces! 7 ounces! almost half a pound of soap! This is not a glycerin bar like the mango cilantro but what is refered to as “cold process” soap. The ingredients do list goose fat so it’s not for the hardcore vegan. It does list many skin loving oils and even honey! I have to admit I can’t shake the smell of coconut when I’m washing with it. I have my own coconut soap and they smell similar. I do smell a faint cream cheese like note though. I’ve come to learn that what I smell might not be what everyone smells so this could just be me! I will warn you that my bar felt a bit slippery when I was handling it and it did fall out of my hands once or twice!


Fresh Raspberry Sugar Scrub: Price $17.50 USD Okay, I know what you’re thinking with that “$18 for a scrub blah blah I paid only $5 from blah blah!” and normally I’d be with you. The difference here is the scrub you get is a whopping 16 oz! One pound of scrub! I find it very difficult to find larger sized scrub and usually have to horde several jars of 4 oz scrubs. The ingredients listed on the scrub are sugar (duh), sunflower oil, olive oil and raspberries. Yes, real fruit in this scrub! But it does have fragrance oil that is strawberry scented. Personally I think this smells more like a strawberry candy than a fresh fruit strawberry but that’s subjective. I gave it a quick mix with one of my soap making spoons to make sure it was well mixed after it’s trip here and got to slapping it on my hands! It’s extremely gentle but has a few little seeds in it to give it a more natural appearance and a bit more exfoliation. After a minute of rubbing it in I found my hands were very soft when I rinsed but they did have the feeling of a slight oily film. This quickly absorbed into my skin but for a few seconds it might feel weird to those that aren’t used to it!


As for the Cotton Candy roller the scent is strong and unmistakable. I’m not a cotton candy person so I’m not a fan but I imagine this being huge for young girls! The Orange Juice Cake was so odd I had to try it. It’s a very dark brown so I’m guessing that’s the fragrance oil discoloring my soap. This is totally normal for “cold process” soaps and is inevitable. Even though it looks like a chunk of chocolate it does have a sweet citrus scent. I smell a tad bit of lemon with mine and definitely orange but nothing “cake” stood out to me. It performs similarly to the chocolate cream cheese cupcake soap.


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