Week-In-Instagram: Apr 12th- Apr 18th

The week is just starting but I enjoy taking the time to reflect on the previous week with this blog. I started Week-In-Instagram to promote one of my social media pages (it’s my favorite of all the platforms I use) and it’s quickly become one of the best ideas I’ve had since I opened m business. I’ve been keeping a notebook since the business opened keeping track of my shop week by week. Some weeks are great and some are not so great. This Instagram series has allowed me a chance to reflect on my business in a more casual way that isn’t all numbers and math.

Last Sunday was the launch of my limited edition scent Bonsai. It’s a mens scent that I created to cater to my many male customers (the vast majority of my orders have come from guys)! It’s has many earthy notes of pine and wood with a twist of citrus to keep it fresh! I’ve sold one already and was given a great review of it! If this limited edition goes over well I’ll be sure to include a line of masculine products in the future!

Of course today we went back to wax tarts for our limited edition Lilac! Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers and they jus scream spring! They’d make a great Mother’s Day gift! *hint hint* These wax tarts have a beautiful purple color and a fantastic scent that smells like you planted a lilac right in your living room! Lilacs were a flower that grew in the backyard at my grandfather’s house and I always picked large bunches in the spring to keep in my room. I tried to replicate the purple colors of the blooms I had as best I could! I’m extremely pleased with how they turned out and I’m happy to say you can watch the process on YouTube! Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yrEMI6Oymk

Another thing you can expect to see on YouTube soon is the new Handmade Beauty Box! I’m always happy to try something new and I’ve enjoyed the learning process behind each project and it’s a great way to try something new without having to buy huge quantities of supplies. I just hope this isn’t another balm-type thing!  Between the lipstick and cuticle balm that was also a lip balm I need a break! BrambleBerry.com, the supplier behind the Handmade Beauty Box, has several products I haven’t tried yet. Keep your eyes peeled for the blog post and video coming soon!


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