Happy Earth Day!

It’s not quite Christmas but Earth Day may be the most important holiday of the year! The best gift we can give ourselves, and each other, is the gift of a clean and green planet.  Earth Day is a great time to think a little bit more about ourselves and how we can improve our habits. It doesn’t take much to help our planet! Sometimes it’s as easy as recycling! My family always recycled their newspapers and bottles and cans. I’ve made sure to keep that going in my home. A change I recently made was recycling the packaging from my supply orders. I have paper shred and packing peanuts that are getting a second life as cushion for my orders! It may not seem like much but it’s better than being tossed in a landfill somewhere when it’s in great condition to be used again!

Earth Day is also a great time for planting. The weather is fantastic this year (unless you live in the recently thawed ice age that is the northeast) for getting outside and planting. I recently bought some flowers that I’m going to be planting early next month once work is completed on our roof. When we moved into our house in June last year very little space was available for planting. What was there was not doing so good. I’m going to make a conscious effort to dig out the old plants and grow something new (that I can hopefully keep alive)!

If you need ideas on small changes for Earth Day here are my recommendations:

  • Buy a reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water. (In 2012, the United States generated almost 14 million tons of plastics as containers and packaging Source: EPA)
  • Consider taking the bus, riding your bike, or walking whenever possible. Riding the bus allows for fewer cars on the road= less emissions. And who couldn’t use the exercise of bikes and walks?

Those are realistic changes, right? Earth Day can be easy for everyone and I hope you take part is making our planet just a little bit better! 🙂


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