Happy Birthday Yara!

Today is Yara Sofia’s 3rd birthday! Yara is my dog, a chihuahua/fox terrier mix breed. I wish I could be with her today but unfortunately she lives on the east coast. When I moved last year Yara was very needy and had separation issues. She gets very upset when shes lonely and she has a lot of energy! I wanted to bring her but I didn’t think removing her from the only place she knew would be good for her. Shes happy living with my mom and her dog. My mom has a chihuahua/rat terrier mix named Chichi. Chichi is 13 years old and she’s the polar opposite of Yara! Shes very calm and quiet and she only really loves my mom. She tolerates me! But she’s getting older and her eyesight is really bad. She has trouble seeing and I think Yara is a good helper to her (as long as she doesn’t take her treats). I miss them both but I’m glad they have each other!


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