Product Spotlight: Island Coconut Glycerin Soap

If you heard the word “tropical” what would you think of? A beach? A fruity cocktail? What about the word “island”? When I think of those words I think about nature. I think about palm trees and tropical flora and fruits. Coconut is a great fruit that is associated with the tropics! It’s very versatile as a drink and it blends very well in bath and beauty products! It’s an unusual fruit which made the design process a fun challenge!

Most fruits are one or two similar colors like peaches or oranges. The outer shell of the coconut is brown while the “meat” inside is a bright white. What a great contrast! It looked perfect as two clean layers! I’m very pleased with how it turned out and it looks like a real coconut. It’s mild and sweet to appeal to a wide range of tastes.

island coconut soap review

You know it’s good when a girlfriend approves! This review came from a fantastic customer that ordered some nice fruity soaps! If you’ve never had a coconut before I recommend trying this soap and get swept away in island bliss!

This soap is currently listed on my Etsy site at $6 USD per bar. Only 8 bars are available but with a 5 star review it will sell fast!

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