Last Day for Mother’s Day Orders!

You read the title correctly: today is the LAST DAY for Mother’s Day orders! If you don’t order by the end of today I can’t guarantee your package will arrive before Mother’s Day. I’ve gotten a lot of orders recently so the stock is going down fast! Peach Smoothie glycerin soap is sold out! I am working on remaking it as well as more limited editions. The top choices for Mother’s Day gifts are:

  • Limited Edition Lilac wax tarts
  • Tropical Breeze glycerin soap
  • Fresh Brewed Coffee glycerin soap
  • Hazelnut Cafe glycerin soap
  • Lavender wax tarts
  • Moroccan Mint glycerin soap
  • Strawberry Rhubarb glycerin soap
  • Vanilla Bean wax tarts

These items have a great scent that have 5 star ratings and making a great gift for anyones mother! My personal favorites are Tropical Breeze, Strawberry Rhubarb and Vanilla Bean! But you have to order now! Every mother appreciates the hand drawn cards you made her when you were 5. Now it’s time to step up the handmade gifts!

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