Business Today

I’ve been running myself ragged trying to schedule 10,000 tasks into 24 hour days. The business has been keeping me on my toes everyday with new orders, questions about products and the usual social media interaction. It’s been very rewarding these last two months and I wanted to take the time to show you how crazy it’s been since I opened on February 27th!

I’m still only shipping within the 50 states at this point and probably will for the rest of the year. I’m barely keeping up with one country! One of my goals for this year was to have an order ship to every state in the US. Several people I follow on Instagram still haven’t shipped to all 50 and they’ve been in business much longer than I have! Today I shipped an order to South Carolina which is one of the states I was waiting for. As of now this is my “business map”. 17 states. That’s not bad for only 2 months in business! Which state has the most orders? Washington and California are tied with 6 each! Arizona is a close second with 4 orders. Connecticut and Texas are tied with 3. That’s pretty awesome! I can’t wait to see the end of the year results!

So how many orders have I gotten since opening day? As of now I’m at 41 orders! My goal is 100 by the end of the year. If business keeps up like this I’ll meet my goal before you can say “Christmas”! The month of May just started but with Mother’s Day this Sunday I did see a surge of early orders. 8 of my 41 orders are from this month. I really wasn’t expecting this level of orders and it feels good to provide a quality product to people.

Of those orders I had my first sell-out a few days ago. Peach Smoothie glycerin soap wasn’t the most popular bar at first but it quickly picked up steam and beat out other popular bars like Lavender, Tropical Breeze and Vanilla Bean! I’m in the process of making more and hope to have it back in stock this week. I wouldn’t scoff at the performance of my other listings though. Lavender glycerin soap only has 3 bars left and Fresh Squeezed Orange is down to the final 4! Are we looking at the next sell outs? Hopefully!


I hope you guys enjoyed this business update. I wanted to show you guys how business is and keep everyone up to date on any changes like sell outs. Maybe I’ll do a post like this in the future!


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