Product Spotlight: Strawberry Rhubarb Glycerin Soap

One dessert I love to eat during the summer is a nice, fresh-baked pie. I will very rarely turn down such a dessert. Apple, blueberry, etc. I have quite the sweet tooth and I think that shows with my fragrance choices! Once I tried a strawberry rhubarb pie I was hooked! I never had rhubarb before, much less knew anything about it! It looks like a red celery and it doesn’t taste sweet on it’s own! It pairs perfectly with red, juicy strawberries to make a sweet summer treat! Naturally I was bouncing off the walls when I tried this fragrance oil! I knew it would be a hit with someone!




It’s not a particularly complex with notes of strawberry and rhubarb making a bold appearance. It does have hints of vanilla and dewfruit to mellow it out while still keeping that pie filling sweetness! Deciding on the colors was the hard part! It took 3 different shades of pink to make this color! It’s a very bold pink that plays as closely to pie filling as I could get! Just don’t eat it! Although some people naturally want to! I was nervous that nobody would understand rhubarb and pass this baby up!


Just imagine my surprise to find this hilarious review of Strawberry Rhubarb! It was a great read and I’m overjoyed that someone loves it as much as I do! If this review doesn’t convince you I don’t think anything could!

strawberry rhubarb review

This soap is currently listed on my Etsy site at $6 USD per bar. Only 6 bars are available and it will sell even faster if my reviewers have anything to say about it!


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