New look!

Take a look around the blog! Notice a few changes? I decided to spice up its appearance with a bit of color! I love bright colors and looking at a simple black and white blog was a bit of a downer. I really love the look of the blog now! But that isn’t the only feature that changed! At the top of the page you’ll see a link called “Etsy shop” next to the “About” page. This is a direct link that will take you straight to my shop! It’s now a little bit easier to view my shop. Let me know what you think about the changes.

Another change I’m looking to make is updated business cards.

If you’ve placed an order with me you probably have one or two of these cards lying around. I didn’t know what I wanted at the time so I went with a pre-made template that had an interesting design. I love my business cards but I think they need a bit of an upgrade! I posted 6 possible changes on Instagram for people to give their opinions.

What do you think? So far 3 votes have gone to the bottom right “bubbles” design. I like the ones I picked out but I’m starting to look at more practical designs for the whole year. The spring flowers design might look good in May but not so great in November. Anyway, I’d love to hear what you think!


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