Product Spotlight: Lavender Wax Tarts

Has everyone been having warm weather like we have? Yesterday was sunny and in the mid 70s all day. I took the time to do something I wanted to do since I moved to Washington last year: gardening. We don’t have much of a backyard and even less “yard” to speak of. We have a small area that has a few random ferns and mystery plants that I want to dig up and replace with some lilacs and low maintenance greenery. But that’s a task for another day! Today I filled my 3 basket planter with some colorful flowers and peppermint. Peppermint and lavender were two herbs I considered growing but I have no experience with lavender so that will be for another time.

I do however, have experience with lavender bath products! Lavender is a widely popular choice in bath & beauty products around the world. It’s mainly taken from France and Bulgaria for both essential oils. Lavender can be a very expensive fragrance oil, with just 2 ounces going for over $20! The prices vary from season to season so I decided to use a fragrance oil to keep the prices stable. But rest assured, it has all the soothing scent of the plant!

My lavender wax tarts are a great scent for living rooms and bedrooms! They’re easy to use and only 1-2 squares will fill your room with fragrance! My living room has high ceilings and an open concept but it only takes 2 squares to turn my living room into a French lavender field! The pale purple is reminiscent of the flowering tops where the essential oil is derived from.

lavender wax review

Leslie, the owner of 7 Wonders Design, ordered the lavender wax tarts and left the great review you see above! 7 Wonders Design was an Etsy shop I reviewed in March which resulted in this unexpected sale. I’m very pleased that a fellow Etsy shop owner (living in Washington no less) had such great things to say!

These wax tarts are currently listed on my Etsy site at $5 USD per package. Only 9  packages are available so take some time to take some time off! 😉


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