Gift Baskets and Bulk Orders

When I received my first custom order I was shocked. Someone wants me to do a custom order? To say I wasn’t prepared for that kind of order at the very beginning of my business was a huge understatment. The customer asked for 6 glycerin soaps in a gift basket for his sister, a birthday gift basket. I still remember that Saturday, running around looking for the perfect basket. I had about 50 different ideas in mind until I came across the one I use today. The basket I use is a tote that resembles a hand basket at a grocery store, only cuter! The best part is it’s reusable so it can carry around all kinds of little items! It’s a great size that can fit 3-6 of my glycerin soaps. I imagine it would be great for wax tarts too.

Just a few days ago I was given another surprise- a bulk order. It wasn’t a wholesale order for a business or anything! One of my customers who purchased my Moroccan Mint wax tarts loved them so much she wanted to buy way more! 7 to be exact! When you love something you really love something! I think bulk orders are a great idea. You can stockpile your favorite scents or give them as gifts to friends and family. Nobody can say no to wax tarts!

custom orders

Since I’ve opened I’ve done 3 gift baskets and this recent bulk order. I’m happy to accept custom and bulk orders for my business! I’m more prepared now and I enjoy the learning experience of building great gift baskets. I can’t wait for my next gift basket order! Hopefully a summer birthday is around the corner!


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