Product Spotlight: Ginger Lime Wax Tarts

Food has inspired most of my products. I love cooking and I may enjoy eating what I cook. ūüėČ I love taking items I already eat one way and try it another style. Limes may not be very tasty on their own but I love limeades and the occasional limey alcoholic beverage. Lime is only ones of the citrus scents in my shop and I wanted to set it apart from the grapefruits and the oranges. What goes well with lime that isn’t a citrus? Ginger!

Ginger is great ingredient in¬†Asian, Indian and Caribbean cooking. It’s not a typical plant, with a weird root design. It has uses in tea, cooking and has even been used medicinally. While it doesn’t have the tart bite of citrus, it has a similar spicy bite. I can’t get enough of it when I eat Asian food and I loved it even more combined with lime in this fragrance!


This scent burns strong without being too overpowering. I recommend trying only one square in your wax burner before adding more. While this isn’t too strong some people find citrus to be overpowering and the last thing anyone needs is a lime induced headache! If you love orange, grapefruit and spice you’ll love Ginger Lime!

These wax tarts are currently listed on my Etsy site at $5 USD per package. Only 8  packages are available so give this spicy, citrus scent a try!

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