Product Spotlight: Black Currant Tea Glycerin Soap

Most people have no idea what a currant is, let alone its black and red varieties that I sell in my shop. What is a currant? A currant is the fruity of a woody shrub that natively grows in Europe and north Asia. It’s cultivated and used in sweet and savory cooking as well as alcohol. Like rhubarb, it requires sweetening for dishes.  The black currant looks like a blueberry with a glossy skin but it’s not nearly as sweet! It’s packed with vitamin C inside that delicious glossy skin! Take a look at this Instagram post where I show off a black currant!

This tart berry is also where I got my business name from. When I was younger my mother used to buy body sprays from Bath & Body Works on an almost weekly basis. Unfortunately, most of the ones she liked would get discontinued and she’d have to buy the entire stock in hopes it would last! One of the discontinued scents was Red Currant & Thyme Tea. I loved this scent! Something about it being sweet without that sugary scent that ends up in most kid themed fragrances led me to keep a bottle for myself. I can’t remember when it was discontinued but I kept that bottle up until 2008! So it’s safe to say I hoarded that bottle for a few years! Once it was gone I had to find a similar scent. That is how we got Black Currant Tea. It is a dead ringer and this scent inspired my love for bath & beauty products. It’s only fitting I name my business after the start of my journey!


This soap has had great success with the 20-30 some lady crowd. It’s mature without the musky base that is popular in more mature perfumes. It’s been in a gift basket! I especially love the red and purple color blend that  made for this soap. It has a tea color with just a touch of purple like the berry skin. I couldn’t recommend this scent enough!

This soap is currently listed on my Etsy site at $6 USD per bar. Only 9 bars are available for women who want a mature yet youthful scent in their bath!


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