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With the month winding down it’s time for another Etsy shop review! This review isn’t anything entirely new as I’ve bought jewelry related items on Etsy before. My first review was a MA shop selling wooden earring holders. My February review was for a studs shop in UT. This month I wanted to step into the necklaces game with something simple that I could easily wear. I hate nothing more than finding a great pair of earrings just to have nothing to wear it with. Sadly, I’m guilty of those kinds of purchases. Why did I need pumpkin orange hoop earrings? Because I totally would’ve bought orange clothes! Too bad I never found pumpkin orange clothes that I liked. Wa wa waaa…

That aside, this month we take a look at LaLaCrystal in California! I purchased a pair of earrings and 2 necklaces for about $60 with shipping. That said the time to get my earrings was very slow! My earring holder from across the country came faster! Not just because it was standard shipping either. I purchased these items on the 8th of the month but they didn’t ship till the 13th! Now, that could be for multiple reasons like custom requests but nowhere in the policies did I see it as made to order. After a day or two I checked her page to see an update saying orders are delayed due to a high volume of orders! I’m glad she wrote it on her shop for new customers but I could easily have needed it for an important event and wouldn’t have known unless I checked her page again. So the shipping was a little meh but not the most unreasonable.

The jewelry she sells comes in a very wide variety. I sat for 2 days looking through everything before I made my choices. Since my next formal event isn’t until November I figured I’d settle for more casual jewelry. You can view the listings on her shop or go to my profile and view my “bought and blogged list” here:

Let’s start with the earrings. They matched the necklace I bought so that was my motivation for them. They are easily my least favorite item of my purchase. The picture is amazing! I was drooling over these earrings! Sadly when I got them they felt extremely light and maybe not the best value for my money. I want earrings to have a little weight to them for a reason. After wearing them for 4 hours one of them fell out! Luckily it was at home and I saw it but now I’m afraid to wear them outside without an annoying plastic or rubber stopper. The pictures look like a nice, slightly weighty piece but my store-bought jewelry was a little heavier. 3 stars for the earrings.

I ordered 2 necklaces: a silver ring design and a gold tube design. Both are light but as long as the chain is durable I shouldn’t have the problem of it just falling off. I bought both at the 16″ default length. You can send her a conversation on Etsy if you want a different one. I sent her a quick message telling her that this purchase was for a blog and got no response. I can’t tell you how fast she communicates for that reason. I do love the color and the design is as pictured. It’s casual jewelry so don’t expect the ring necklace to be a 5 inch hoop. Sometimes it’s hard to get a feel for the size so I took some terrible selfies when I tried them on! Enjoy! 4 stars for both necklaces!

Another one of my LaLaCrystal purchases! #Selfie #Jewelry #Etsy

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Overall would I recommend her shop? Sure! She has a wide variety, you can make changes (through conversations) and custom orders are accepted. But I hope she takes my criticism of the light earrings seriously. I’d hate to lose an earring again! 😦


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