Summer Inventory Update!

June in now in swing and summer is so close I can practically smell the grilling! Summer is one of my favorite seasons, with August being my favorite. Well, my late August birthday might make me a bit biased! The bright, tropical and fruity scents of summer make it an exciting time for the business! I expect some scents to gain more popularity as the temperatures rise! That said, I figured I’d give a quick inventory update with an outline of my plans for my remaining inventory after the summer ends.

As of this moment I have low quantities of quite a few products! Low inventory items (5 and under) are as follows:

Lavender Glycerin Soap- 2

Moroccan Mint Wax Tarts- 2

Clementine Lavender Wax Tarts (LE)- 3

Fresh Squeezed Orange Glycerin Soap- 3

Lilac Wax Tarts (LE)- 3

Strawberry Rhubarb Glycerin Soap- 3

Summer Boardwalk (LE)- 3

Crisp Cotton Wax Tarts (LE)- 4

Hazelnut Cafe Glycerin Soap- 4

Tropical Breeze Glycerin Soap- 4

Vanilla Bean Glycerin Soap- 4

Fresh Brewed Coffee Wax Tarts- 5

Ginger Lime Glycerin Soap- 5

Hazelnut Cafe Wax Tarts- 5

Moroccan Mint Glycerin Soap- 5


Everything else is in quantities of 6 or more and ready to ship! What happens when an item sells out? Peach Smoothie sold out last month, much to my surprise, and I knew I had to make more! Depending on how fast an item sells out I may restock it. If it sells out during August I WILL NOT remake it. September will feature the new fall collection of 10 new scents and I’d rather not keep summer inventory if I can help it. That said, any items that do not sell out before September will be left on the shop until they do sell out!

I’m happy to say I got another international order yesterday going to the UK! The Australian order left Sydney for a local processing facility recently and I feel more comfortable with international orders. That said, please be patient with me if I run into issues! I had to send a message to my UK buyer to clarify the address on Etsy. He got back to me very quickly despite the time difference and that meant his package could leave today! If you place an order please double-check to make sure all your information is correct and keep an eye out for Etsy messages! I will only contact you via Etsy to avoid your response disappearing from my email!

I can’t wait for summer and look forward to any new orders! 🙂


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