Clearing out the Clutter!

Today is more of a personal blog posting day. When my boyfriend and I moved into our home last year we knew we needed 3 bedrooms since we both needed dedicated offices. He has his own business and I had a lot of soap supplies that I thought of using in a business. Even if I didn’t start The Black Currant I still had a lot of supplies to stash away that would’ve devoured any closet! Since the move everything in my office is temporary. I don’t even have a real desk! It’s a large folding table! The time has come to make my office a bit more permanent.

One thing I desperately need is storage! I have a closet but I’ve already filled it with business supplies, a few random personal items and my extensive video game collection. I have plastic storage bins with draws but I’ve filled 4 of those and still have supplies strewn about! I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to make this space work but I need some serious rearranging. So, I’ve ordered a 5 shelf rack from Amazon! Hopefully I can fit most (if not all of my supplies) on it! Only we have one issue…

… My rack shows up tomorrow! So I’m going yo be spending the day moving and clearing away as much of my office as I can! I also should go through and consider reducing some of my closet clutter! My closet is a war zone of video games, puzzles, soap making and shipping supplies! Hopefully tomorrow everything will be organized and I can show you a before and after!


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