New Storage Shelves!

My 5 shelf rack came from Amazon today! I just finished setting it up and I’m 95% happy. It was surprisingly easy to set up myself given that most assembly required furniture is a pain but I did run into one issue: I want a 6th shelf! I contacted the company and hopefully they can sell me a 6th one because the spacing for the 5 gives me enough room for a 6th. Who couldn’t use more storage space? I’m happy to have real storage going up in my office. I was quickly being overtaken by plastic bins and folding tables. It makes me office feel more settled in. If only my desk was real and not a folding table as well! That’s for another day though…

For now let’s bask in my assembled shelves!

Not bad, huh?

I’ll be spending the rest of the night deciding what goes where on the shelf. All my soap molds get the top shelves. Yes, it’s a lot of molds! Honestly I haven’t even used them all yet! I’m hoping to change that and try some different designs. If you want to know where I purchase my molds try BrambleBerry, Nature’s Garden and Rustic Escentuals! Keep an eye out for Wilton molds in craft stores! They make cute mini molds that are perfect for wax tarts or samples!

Well I’m starving and probably covered in sweat so I’m going to clean up and prepare for dinner.


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