Keeping (Soap!) Cool This Summer

Summer is rapidly approaching with the temperatures already in the July range! How is the weather near you? Is it humid or dry? Depending on where you live you may need to take extra care of any glycerin soap in your home! What do I mean by taking care of your soap? Well, soap in general need a little love to last for more showers and baths. Many people don’t know the best way to look after their soap and that can lead to it being used up fast!

For any bar soap you’ll want to keep it in a soap dish that can be drained. Look for soap dishes with holes that drain into a separate part that can be cleaned out. It helps to keep it in a dark and cool place whether you’re using it now or just bought it and storing it in a closet! Heat isn’t the real enemy of glycerin soap: humidity is!

If you live in a desert climate this won’t be a common occurence but pay attention Floridians! Humidity and places like Florida go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. This can mean big problems for glycerin soaps like the ones I sell! Glycerin is a humunculant, which means is attracts moisture. This is great for your skin but not so great for the bar itself. If your home can’t escape the wet, sticky weather your soap can develop “glycerin dew” or sweat. It looks like actual sweat! Below is an example from the lovely Anne Marie of SoapQueen and!

glycerin dew

Looks a little freaky, doesn’t it? Does this mean you have to chuck your beautiful bar of soap? Nope! It’s purely visual and doesn’t compromise the integrity of the soap. However it helps to make sure your soap is dry after every shower and bath to help reduce the chances of dew forming. Even if you live a dry climate your bathroom gathers humidity which can lead to soap sweat. Worried about melting? Don’t be! The melting point of my particular soaps is about 130 degrees! I don’t think your house gets that hot, unless you leave your soap next to your fireplace! I’ve gotten many questions about caring for soap and I hoped this helps! I want you to get the most out of every bar you buy!


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