Product Spotlight: Yuzu (Japanese Grapefruit) Glycerin Soap

Yuzu, also known as Japanese grapefruit, is a not-so-common scent in the bath and beauty market. It is a unique citrus that grows natively in China and Tibet before coming to Japan and Korea during the Tang Dynasty. It has quite a long history in Asia with multiple varieties grown for sweetness or its flowers. It’s also the only citrus that can grow in Washington state! I bet you thought Florida had the citrus market covered!

The yuzu plant itself is very unique. This strange fruit is grown in upright shrubs or small trees, commonly covered in large thorns, resembling that of a kefir lime. It has an orange-yellow shell similar to an orange but it’s larger than your average mandarin. The reason it’s called a Japanese grapefruit instead of an orange is its tart flavor with overtones of mandarin. It’s rarely eaten as just the fruit in Japan, with its rind used as an aromatic zest and it’s fruit used in everything from liquor to tea to sauces! If you’re interested in trying the American take look for Rockridge Orchards in Washington and try the yuzu cider!

I was challenged with designing this soap. How do you make it stand out amongst my other varieties of orange and grapefruit? I can assure you the scent certainly stands out! I took a nod from its similarities to oranges and its various sauces and marmalades to make my own unique color. It took 3 different colors to make this soap! Each bar is one of a kind with swirls or orange, gold and yellow for a sunny and bright design! It’s not just a plain citrus fragrance. It has a bubbly scent that almost reminds me of ginger ale! Citrus and ginger ale is the best way I can describe it to you! But don’t take my word for it! Try it for yourself.

This soap is currently listed on my Etsy site at $6 USD per bar. Only 7 bars are available as of this post.


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