Product Spotlight: Kiwi Wax Tarts

One amazing benefit of summer is the amazing variety of fruits that are made into drinks and desserts or just eaten plain! Kiwi is a delicious juicy fruit that I highly recommend with strawberries. It’s not a native fruit, mostly grown in China & New Zealand, that has developed an international audience for desserts and jams and drinks. The most common is the fuzzy kiwifruit but it has many varieties from smooth to ones with red rings inside! Be advised that many people can be allergic! If you’re allergic to bananas, papayas and pineapples are likely to be allergic to kiwis.

You can always enjoy my kiwi scented products! Enjoy the sweet and semi tart scent of the kiwifruit through the hot summer months! It’s a straight kiwi scent that makes it great for mixing with other wax tarts! Use one cube of kiwi with a second cube of Strawberry Rhuarb, Tropical Breeze or Fresh Squeezed Orange and Yuzu for more of the tart notes of a kiwi! It’s a strong burn without overwhelming sweetness that last multiple 6 hour burns!

These wax tarts are currently listed on my Etsy site at $5 USD per package. 10  packages are available for scenting your room with a tropical treat!


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