Product Spotlight: Red Currant Wax Tarts

What is a currant? A currant is a small berry the grows in shrubs along western Europe. The red currant is only one variety like its black currant sibling. The difference between the red currant and the black currant is more than color- it’s also unique in taste. The red currant has more of a tart flavor but maintains the sweetness of other varieties. While it can be eaten raw each country has a variety of uses for this waxy-skinned fruit. The UK uses it for jelly, while Germany and Mexico use it for beverage flavoring. What unique uses of the same fruit!

I chose the red currant for my shop because it’s a different kind of summer fruit. I was sceptical of a tart berry scented item that wasn’t even native to the US. After purchasing a sample and testing it I knew it had an audience. It rivals the grapefruit fragrance in my eyes and could easily be an alternative to the overly abundant citrus in the bath & beauty market. The color is a close representation to the fruit as I could get. The bright red color gives you and idea of the scent power behind this uncommon summer crop!

These wax tarts are currently listed on my Etsy site at $5 USD per package. 10  packages are available for a sweet berry burn!


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