Last Call Box!

It’s almost summer which means it’s time to start thinking about fall! Retail businesses need to stay ahead of the season to keep their products relevant to the time of year. My supplies have arrived and I’m almost ready to start making new batches of glycerin soap and soy wax tarts. The only thing I need is the space to store my products! Which means it’s time to clear out space!

I compiled a box of 5 and under products that I’m hoping to sell out soon. Anything that sells out at this point will NOT be remade! Once it’s gone it’s gone!

5 and Under Inventory:

Fresh Brewed Coffee wax tarts 5

Fresh Squeezed Orange glycerin soap 3

Hazelnut  Cafe glycerin soap 4

Island Coconut glycerin soap 5

Lavender glycerin soap 2

Moroccan Mint glycerin soap 4

Moroccan Mint wax tarts 2

Strawberry Rhubarb glycerin soap 3

Tropical Breeze glycerin soap 1

Vanilla Bean glycerin soap 4


Limited Edition Low Quantities:

Clementine Lavender wax tarts 3

Crisp Cotton wax tarts 4

Lilac wax tarts 2

Summer Boardwalk wax tarts 3



If you would like to try or repurchase any of these items note the remaining quantities on my Etsy site. I also have found some soap samples that I ended up not needing for testing purposes and will be adding them to orders until I run out. I would like to thank everyone for their support of my business, whether it was promoting my business to others or making purchases and leaving amazing reviews. I look forward to the fall and holiday seasons and I hope you’ll come back in September to see what goodies I have made!


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