Etsy Review- Firebird Bath & Body

Getting back to my own interests I’m reviewing another bath & body themed Etsy shop! I figured I’d give you guys a break from my products to check out another shop: Firebird Bath & Body opened by Brooke December 31st, 2008. She has quite the shop! With over 36k sales and over 19k in positive reviews I’m sure this isn’t the first (or the last) time you’ll come across her glycerin soaps, body lotions, lip balms, perfumes and more! With so much variety it was quite a task deciding what to try!

After months of favoring her shop and looking at all the various scents I settled on a little of everything! I purchased the 4 piece mini soap set, Peach Tea scented body lotion and a Strawberry Tangerine lip balm. She does have other types of products for sale but she is temporarily closing shop to welcome a new arrival into the family and has thusly had low stock. Congrats!

Mini Soap Set- Berry Lemonade, Gingerale, Peppermint Lemonade and Pomegranate Basil were my choices. I wanted to choose scents I haven’t used in my own shop and the more unusual choices of Peppermint Lemonade and Pomegranate Basil piqued my interest. My favorite is Gingerale by far! It has the effervescent, bubbly scent of a fresh glass of one of my favorite drinks! Peppermint Lemonade and Berry Lemonade were also awesome for their individual notes mixed the a citrus twist. Pomegranate Basil was the mildest scent of the bunch and still good but it didn’t blow me away as much as the others! I highly recommend all 4 scents for the sheer accuracy of their name! The lather was light and more creamy than bubbly but my skin felt soft and the scent lasted forever!

Peach Tea Lotion- The ingredients label is what sold me on trying this lotion! The listing describes it as an avocado and shea butter lotion, but it has so much more to offer! Grapeseed oil, coconut oil, jojoboa oil and vitamins A and C are all packed into a nice little jar! I was nervous to try a lotion because my skin is naturally very oily and some lotions turn me into a greasy mess! I applied some lotion after a bath at around 8 pm. It almost immediately absorbed into my skin! I hate the feeling of slick lotion residue but I had none of that with my new favorite. The scent is light and fruity with just a touch of bitterness to give it the “tea” scent. It was sweet without being sugary and bitter without being a more masculine scent. Hours later my boyfriend held my hand and he could still smell the lotion! It’s a winner in my book!

Strawberry Tangerine Lip Balm- I need lip balm more than any other bath & beauty product! My lips are always dry in the winter and the summer heat quickly dries if I don’t take in gallons of liquids! A lot of options caught my eye like Blackberry Mocha and Chocolate Chai but I wanted a happy summer option so I chose my favorite fruits! This lip balm is not vegan as the ingredients label beeswax. This is not an issue for me though but I thought I’d let you know! It’s not a super hard lip balm so it might not do as well in extremely hot temperatures but it’s just fine for mild climate Washington. It glides on smoothly with very little effort and doesn’t have the sticky feeling like some commercial glosses too. It does have a slippery feel on your lips for a minute or two but it didn’t make my lips a greasy mess! After a smooch “test” 😉 my boyfriend didn’t feel any excess rub off which is what usually prevents me from wearing balms in the first place! We have a winner!

Overall I have to say I love Firebird and Brooke is awesome! Her labels are the envy of my business, her scent varieties have mass appeal to every taste level, and her ingredients have an amazing feel and quality to them! I almost wish I worked for her instead of my own business! I’m very pleased with my order and will definitely keep her shop in mind when I need a lotion or balm in the future.

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